Mary Ann has been involved in event planning for over 20 years creating corporate, family and wedding experiences in and around San Diego. In addition to creating unforgettable events with her mom, Robyn was bitten by the coordinator bug 15 years ago after planning her own wedding. It became clear rather quickly after working together at Sacred Mountain Julian that creating Family Affair Weddings was a natural next step. Being a Mother/Daughter team is very unique and the very special relationship they have is genuinely a dream come true for their couples. Mary Ann and Robyn provide each couple with top notch customer service creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.  

"One of our favorite moments in wedding planning is seeing the bridal couple after the ceremony. The look of pure joy on their faces knowing that they are FINALLY married is priceless! The relief of all the details coming together can be felt and it truly is the best! Robyn and I both love being active with exercising, hiking,  biking and love playing beach volleyball.  My family brings me so much joy and I love having all my kids and grandkids at the house. We are always entertaining with BBQs, hot tub time and root beer floats. I mean, who doesn't love root beer floats?!" 

- Mary Ann 

"Having the opportunity to work with my mom is truly a blessing. I feel as though our combined experience gives our couples an advantage when working with vendors and wedding parties. We often execute an idea with just one look or finish each other's sentences! My favorite part of the wedding day is arranging table settings, florals and decor placement. Seeing all the details come together really is a labor of love for us. I can't imagine a wedding without a good dance party and I'm never one to turn down a game of name that tune." 

- Robyn